Rescue Bunniness: Dora

While it may be true that we are always at home when we learn to stay in the present moment, it is also true that we sometimes need a place to call our own. For this adorable bunny, Dora, finding that place has been incredibly difficult. She has been in foster care for a year and very much needs to find a loving family in Western Washington state so she can have a forever home to call her own.


As a rescue bun, Dora sadly fell between the cracks. She was rescued with two other stray rabbits and all were expected to go to the nearest Humane Society shelter, but there was an administrative problem…the rabbits were collected just outside the Humane Society’s jurisdiction.

Thankfully, their rescuer took them into her home sanctuary and rescue operation in Tacoma, WA. However, this means Dora is not sheltered by a registered non-profit, so it has been difficult to get her the publicity she needs to find her forever home.

During her year in foster care, Dora has been spayed and socialized and has also learned to climb—so she needs lots of space! Although she was shy of humans at first, she has blossomed into a calm, loving rabbit who is very motivated by food and therefore highly trainable.

If you are interested in learning more about Dora, please contact Mary at bunny4882 (at) or visit Mary and her other adoptable buns on Facebook at

And, rest assured—Dora has been studying up on the ways of bunniness so she will be ready for her new home when the right human comes along!

Dora reading the Bunny Buddhism book
Dora reading the Bunny Buddhism book

Story of Bunniness: Koucha

Koucha the bunny, Photo courtesy of Brittany
Koucha the bunny, Photo courtesy of Brittany
In the wake of losing her mother to cancer in 2010, Brittany came across a beautiful bunny who was about to be culled for not being “show quality.” Thankfully, Brittany knew this particular bun had a higher purpose: “When I saw her photo, I instantly knew she would be special.”

Brittany saved the poor bunny and named her Koucha—a Japanese name that means “black tea.”

Koucha was eight weeks old when Brittany found her and will be five years old this November. Each year, Koucha has a birthday party. On her last birthday, she had a personalized mini pink birthday hat (thanks to her Aunt Brianne in Pennsylvania) and personalized, edible “Hoppy Birthday!” cookies.

Brittany describes Koucha as a bossy, free-range apartment rabbit who is litter trained and spayed. Koucha especially enjoys nudging her three human slaves in the behind for attention!

Beneath that bossy demeanor, though, is a loving bunny who gives kisses in return for pets. And, in Brittany’s words, she is “my best friend, my bunny, the heartbeat at my feet.”

Koucha the bunny, Photo courtesy of Brittany
Koucha the bunny, Photo courtesy of Brittany
Koucha’s love and personality have changed Brittany’s life in a number of ways. As bunnies often do, Koucha opened Brittany’s eyes to the cruel acts done to animals for the sake of cosmetics, household goods, and food.

Herbivore Koucha also inspired Brittany to abstain from animal products. Both Brittany and Koucha consume lots of fresh fruits and veggies on a daily basis (only a small amount for Koucha!) and generally spend their time enjoying each other’s company.

Perhaps the most striking lesson from Koucha was an important one about love. Through nurturing and taking care of Koucha, Brittany has gained a greater understanding of the love her own mother had for her—an unconditional love.

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother, Brittany, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this inspiring story of bunniness. Koucha sounds like an incredible bunny, and I hope she continues to bring bunniness into your life for a long time to come!

Moment of Bunniness: Bloem

Today’s moment of bunniness comes to us from Holland, thanks to Kirsten van den Berg and her beautiful bunny, Bloem (pronounced “Bloom”). Be sure to follow @KirstenvandenB on Twitter to keep up with their latest adventures in bunniness!

Bloem the bunny, Photo courtesy of Kirsten van den Berg
Bloem the bunny, Photo courtesy of Kirsten van den Berg

Moment of Bunniness: Webster

Today we have Webster the bunny, sharing bunniness with us while he spends some quality time with his plush bunny friend. Thank you to Kate Williams Hays for this adorable photo. Webster definitely knows how to be comfortable around others…I think we can all learn a lot from him!

Webster the bunny, Photo courtesy of Kate Williams Hays
Webster the bunny, Photo courtesy of Kate Williams Hays

Moment of Bunniness: Bailey

Today, we have a moment of bunniness from Bailey, who clearly has inner and outer bunniness to spare. Thank you to Dee C. for the beautiful photo. Bailey’s message is a simple one to understand, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to remember and integrate into our daily lives!

Bailey the bunny, Photo courtesy of Dee C.
Bailey the bunny, Photo courtesy of Dee C.
Bailey knows inner bunniness begins with a proper diet, so he wanted me to share his secret with all of you. He is grateful to the San Diego House Rabbit Society for his healthy bunny meal plan. Don’t forget that you can donate part of your purchase of the Bunny Buddhism book to the House Rabbit Society by ordering your copy through Amazon Smile!

Moment of Bunniness: Barney

Thank you to Suzy F. for today’s moment of bunniness featuring Barney. Barney appears to be very serious…perhaps it is because his message is so important. Thanks, Barney, for reminding us not to get too caught up in our thoughts. We will try to emulate you and be present so we can truly experience the bunniness that is available to us in each and every moment!

Barney the bunny, Photo courtesy of Suzy F.
Barney the bunny, Photo courtesy of Suzy F.

Moment of Bunniness: Geoffrey

Thank you to Fabienne for sharing today’s delightful photo of Geoffrey. Geoffrey’s message reminds us to be curious and attentive as much as we can so we don’t miss the amazing things that happen around us every single day. All we have to do is watch for them!

Geoffrey the bunny, Photo courtesy of Fabienne
Geoffrey the bunny, Photo courtesy of Fabienne

Moment of Bunniness: Toodles

Big bunny thanks to Julie R. for today’s pic of Toodles the explorer bun. The message of bunniness from Toodles is a great reminder that the opportunity for joy is with us at all times, no matter where we are!

Toodles the bunny, Photo courtesy of Julie R.
Toodles the bunny, Photo courtesy of Julie R.
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My Bunny Mind Feels Dull

When I first tried meditation, it was relatively easy to continue practicing on a daily basis because of the sheer novelty. I had boundless curiosity about my own mind and how the thoughts spasmodically jumped around from one topic to the next.

It was bizarre…and endlessly fascinating.

I will never forget the first time I heard the phone ring while I was meditating. The urge to answer the phone was so intense I had to make an enormous effort to refrain from jumping up and answering it. The sensations in that moment were nearly overpowering, but I learned to stay put and subsequent phone calls were easier and easier to resist.

Mr. Bunny SnackingFor quite some time—years even—meditation was the only thing I wanted to do. Even though I knew I had become attached to the practice, I craved my alone time. When I got it, I marveled at how difficult some thoughts were to accept and let go and how easy others were.

It almost turned into a form of entertainment.

Over time, the thoughts became less frantic and intense. I learned to accept and let go of little triggers and even some big ones. I no longer felt imprisoned by my own mind. I had tasted freedom from intense emotions. And, despite an awareness that I was clinging, I kept meditating because I wanted to see just how much more I could learn.

Five years later, my experience of meditation is much, much different.

When I sit to meditate these days, I set my timer, focus on my breathing and notice very little. Thoughts still come and go, but they are comparatively mundane—tiny fragments of memories or anticipations that don’t carry much weight.

I face what seems to be a gaping pit of mental dullness.

I know this development is common. Dullness is one of the five hindrances in Buddhism, and there are various methods suggested as an antidote to the dullness. I am working on having greater alertness and awareness during my meditation.

But sometimes I believe it is necessary simply to notice the dullness.


Photo: “Mr. Bunny Snacking” by Kelly Cookson is licensed under CC BY 2.0