Rescue Bunniness: Dora

While it may be true that we are always at home when we learn to stay in the present moment, it is also true that we sometimes need a place to call our own. For this adorable bunny, Dora, finding that place has been incredibly difficult. She has been in foster care for a year and very much needs to find a loving family in Western Washington state so she can have a forever home to call her own.


As a rescue bun, Dora sadly fell between the cracks. She was rescued with two other stray rabbits and all were expected to go to the nearest Humane Society shelter, but there was an administrative problem…the rabbits were collected just outside the Humane Society’s jurisdiction.

Thankfully, their rescuer took them into her home sanctuary and rescue operation in Tacoma, WA. However, this means Dora is not sheltered by a registered non-profit, so it has been difficult to get her the publicity she needs to find her forever home.

During her year in foster care, Dora has been spayed and socialized and has also learned to climb—so she needs lots of space! Although she was shy of humans at first, she has blossomed into a calm, loving rabbit who is very motivated by food and therefore highly trainable.

If you are interested in learning more about Dora, please contact Mary at bunny4882 (at) or visit Mary and her other adoptable buns on Facebook at

And, rest assured—Dora has been studying up on the ways of bunniness so she will be ready for her new home when the right human comes along!

Dora reading the Bunny Buddhism book
Dora reading the Bunny Buddhism book

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