Story of Bunniness: Koucha

Koucha the bunny, Photo courtesy of Brittany
Koucha the bunny, Photo courtesy of Brittany
In the wake of losing her mother to cancer in 2010, Brittany came across a beautiful bunny who was about to be culled for not being “show quality.” Thankfully, Brittany knew this particular bun had a higher purpose: “When I saw her photo, I instantly knew she would be special.”

Brittany saved the poor bunny and named her Koucha—a Japanese name that means “black tea.”

Koucha was eight weeks old when Brittany found her and will be five years old this November. Each year, Koucha has a birthday party. On her last birthday, she had a personalized mini pink birthday hat (thanks to her Aunt Brianne in Pennsylvania) and personalized, edible “Hoppy Birthday!” cookies.

Brittany describes Koucha as a bossy, free-range apartment rabbit who is litter trained and spayed. Koucha especially enjoys nudging her three human slaves in the behind for attention!

Beneath that bossy demeanor, though, is a loving bunny who gives kisses in return for pets. And, in Brittany’s words, she is “my best friend, my bunny, the heartbeat at my feet.”

Koucha the bunny, Photo courtesy of Brittany
Koucha the bunny, Photo courtesy of Brittany
Koucha’s love and personality have changed Brittany’s life in a number of ways. As bunnies often do, Koucha opened Brittany’s eyes to the cruel acts done to animals for the sake of cosmetics, household goods, and food.

Herbivore Koucha also inspired Brittany to abstain from animal products. Both Brittany and Koucha consume lots of fresh fruits and veggies on a daily basis (only a small amount for Koucha!) and generally spend their time enjoying each other’s company.

Perhaps the most striking lesson from Koucha was an important one about love. Through nurturing and taking care of Koucha, Brittany has gained a greater understanding of the love her own mother had for her—an unconditional love.

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother, Brittany, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this inspiring story of bunniness. Koucha sounds like an incredible bunny, and I hope she continues to bring bunniness into your life for a long time to come!

4 thoughts on “Story of Bunniness: Koucha

  1. I lost my Mom 3years ago and bunnies entered my life!! It is the best thing that ever happened to me!! I cannot imagine life without them!! Best pets ever!!!!
    Thanks for your bunny story!!
    Warm regards, Andrea

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Andrea. Bunnies do have a way of hopping into our hearts when we need them the most, don’t they?

      1. Hi there! Thank you for your reply! And yes bunnies hop into your life when you need them!! Mine are adopted from the humane society! I have two boys named Snowflake and Teddy! Both had a very rough start to life! – Now they are totally spoile and happy!!

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