Moment of Bunniness: Benjamin

With many thanks to Rebecca L. for the adorable pic, here is Benjamin the bunny enjoying a moment among the apples.

Benjamin shares a lesson that may be difficult for many of us, particularly those of us living in a society based on Capitalism, which on some level seems to equate “having” and “owning” with being successful and happy. Is Benjamin a successful bunny because he is surrounded by many apples? Do the apples make him better than other bunnies or fundamentally happier or more peaceful?

Sure, Benjamin is fortunate to live in a loving forever home with safely supervised access to apples. But he does not own the apples, nor does he plan to carry them with him wherever he hops. Instead, he simply sits among the apples, appreciating them in the moment and leaving them for the enjoyment of whomever may stumble across them next.

May we learn from Benjamin’s example by appreciating our own good fortune–whatever it may be–and remembering that “having” does not necessarily equate to being happy. It can, however, give us an opportunity to create a legacy of generosity and kindness as we contribute to the world around us.

Benjamin the bunny, Photo courtesy of Rebecca L.
Benjamin the bunny, Photo courtesy of Rebecca L. Click the pic to follow Rebecca on Twitter!

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