Moment of Bunniness: Arthur

Have you seen the Bunny Buddhism book yet?

Today’s moment of bunniness is brought to us by Arthur the bunny and his loving human, Danica L. Thank you, Danica and Arthur!

As he peers into the future, Arthur faces a sea of uncertainty. Fortunately, he is wise and knows the path will become clearer as he begins to hop. He also knows his hops will become more confident as he goes.

For us, this means today’s conscious choices and positive actions will lead to our best possible tomorrows.

Of course, it’s not always easy. Right now, it is challenging for me to stay present and make positive choices because I am still grieving. But I do the best I can, and that is always enough.

Is anything stopping you from hopping forth and making your future the best it can be?

Arthur the bunny, Photo courtesy of Danica L.
Arthur the bunny, Photo courtesy of Danica L.

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