Moment of Bunniness: Snickers

Snickers looks to me like a bunny who is ready for anything, so I thought this quote about readiness might suit her. Thank you to Heather W. for the wonderful photo!

For quite some time, I’ve been a fan of the quote, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” even though I know fastidious Buddhist scholars would tell me it has not been definitively linked to Buddhism (see

Nevertheless, I have found this somewhat controversial quote to be helpful for my own personal experience. I believe being present in the moment requires a certain amount of “readiness” for whatever comes. This is a lesson that has led me to many valuable opportunities for exploring my own deluded ways of thinking—and, in that way, I find it has some relevance to Buddhism.

Even if it doesn’t and my Western culture and Catholic upbringing are leading me astray (which is certainly possible), I can at least say with some degree of authority that this quote works perfectly well for those of us in pursuit of bunniness. Thank you, Snickers, for helping to show us the way!

Snickers the bunny, Photo courtesy of Heather W.
Snickers the bunny, Photo courtesy of Heather W.

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