Story of Bunniness: Nestor

Nestor the bunny, Photo courtesy of Kim C.

Today’s moment of bunniness comes from Kim C. and her angel bun, Nestor, who truly embodied the spirit of Bunny Buddhism by overcoming incredible adversity with a heart full of love.

Nestor the bunny, Photo courtesy of Kim C.
Nestor the bunny, Photo courtesy of Kim C.
Nestor suffered several serious infections over his lifetime and even lost an eye to one of them. He was abandoned in a shelter and ten years old before he was adopted by Kim C.

When she first brought him home, Nestor was depressed, but his new environment gave him a chance to explore his inner bunniness. Soon, he was giving kisses and enjoying the company of humans and animals alike.

Sadly, he later developed leukemia, which he fought for a year before his body could no longer take the side effects from steroids at such an advanced age. His immune system deteriorated and he developed an inner ear infection before passing away.

In life, we encounter a seemingly endless parade of difficult experiences. It is easy to get frustrated and give up. If anyone knows this, I do.

But I also think we can learn from Nestor’s experience. Nestor had to face difficulties for many years. If he had given up, he never would have found the loving home that helped him become the bunny he always had the potential to be.

Rather than focusing on the difficult life Nestor had, I will remember how he found his way into a loving home. I will remember that Kim C. adopted a ten year old bunny with one eye when no one else would. I will remember that every obstacle creates opportunity and that we are more likely to find that opportunity when we open our hearts to love and kindness.


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