Bunny Art: Ben&Nevis BunArt

©2014 Ben&Nevis BunArt
©2014 Ben&Nevis BunArt

Today, I would like to introduce some bunny art from the very talented Hannah Fuller of Ben&Nevis BunArt. Please be sure to visit Ben&Nevis BunArt on Facebook for many more bunny-themed drawings and paintings—and also some pictures of Ben and Nevis, her gorgeous Mini Rex bunnies!

In this first painting of pathways leading into the mountains, Hannah has captured a familiar Bunny Buddhism quote:

“May all bunnies find their path, in their own time and in their own way.”

Often, we are faced with decisions about which path to choose next in life. Sometimes we choose well. Sometimes we do not. But we always learn something along the way.

Fantastic job capturing this sentiment in your work, Hannah – thank you!

©2014 Ben&Nevis BunArt
©2014 Ben&Nevis BunArt

I also really love this image of a bunny meditating. To me, the bunny quote that matches up best with this painting is:

“Breathing in, I embrace my bunny nature. Breathing out, I share my bunny nature with the world.”

As I’m sure many of you know, Bunny Buddhism quotes that begin with “Breathing in” are a direct reference to meditation.

Sometimes these meditation quotes are a suggestion for a way to practice. Sometimes they are a comment on a lesson I have learned in my own meditation practice.

Always, they are about taking the time to learn how our minds work so we can make more effective decisions that lead us to happier and healthier lives.

©2014 Ben&Nevis BunArt
©2014 Ben&Nevis BunArt

Finally, I must admit that my heart just melts when I see this picture of Nevis next to the drawing of a bunny with a heart. There are so many Bunny Buddhism quotes that could go with this one…which one comes to mind for you?

Thanks again to Ben&Nevis BunArt for the fantastic images on this page!

If you are an artist and would like to see your work featured on BunnyBuddhism.com, please be sure to visit the Submit page for details.

Love and bunniness for all!

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