Bunny Art: @BearAndInk

Every so often, someone will tweet something to @BunnyBuddhism that really catches my eye. Most frequently, it is either an adorable photo of a bunny or else it is some kind of bunny artwork. This week, I was struck by a comic featuring a Bunny Buddhism quote, thanks to @BearAndInk:


It is always interesting to me to see @BunnyBuddhism tweets finding new homes and being used in new ways. When I tweet a certain message, I of course have some idea of what it means to me. Even more interesting, though, is the way the same words might affect someone else. It never in a million years would have occurred to me to do a Bunny Buddhism comic, and yet here one was, suddenly appearing in my feed.


Are you an artist or illustrator? Why not try your hand at featuring a bunny quote in your work? Tweet your artwork to @BunnyBuddhism for a chance to be featured on BunnyBuddhism.com!

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