Moment of Bunniness: Gilbert

Today’s moment of bunniness features Gilbert the bunny, with many thanks to @hope_stokes for the awesome pic.

For me, this pic of Gilbert is a perfect reminder that we do not need to overthink each and every moment of our lives. Often, it is enough to relax and appreciate what is. It may help to have a loving hand to support and encourage us, but ultimately we are responsible for our own lives and how we choose to respond to them.

Sometimes we wonder whether this is the right moment or whether we should respond in a particular way. This helps us react responsibly and with conscious intentions. But lengthy thought-spirals that cycle through every possible outcome and every thing that could possibly go wrong will only stand between us and a true experience of our day.

Today, it is time to let go of the thought-spirals. It is time to take Gilbert’s advice and be present without analyzing each moment of the day. Otherwise, we might miss the opportunity to experience the sweetness and joy that is right here in front of us.

Gilbert the bunny, Photo courtesy of @hope_stokes
Gilbert the bunny, Photo courtesy of @hope_stokes

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    1. This spoke to me in such a powerful way and I’ll enjoy using this Moment of Bunniness as a journalling prompt today!

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