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Story of Bunniness: Nestor

Today’s moment of bunniness comes from Kim C. and her angel bun, Nestor, who truly embodied the spirit of Bunny Buddhism by overcoming incredible adversity with a heart full of love. Nestor suffered several serious infections over his lifetime and

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In Memoriam: Comet

I’m afraid today’s moment of bunniness is another sad one because Comet has recently hopped across the bridge. However difficult losing a bunny may be, it is precisely these difficult moments that challenge us to find our inner strength so

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Why Bunnies?

Did you ever have a security blanket? Or maybe a favorite childhood toy you could turn to for comfort no matter how lousy you felt? Was there somewhere you could go to feel completely safe? As a child, I always

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About the Book

When I learned that some of my humble Bunny Buddhism tweets were going to become a book, I was overjoyed. It was a strange feeling and one I didn’t know how to handle. I had struggled with crippling depression and

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