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Allowing Room for Healing from Grief

Today is the first day since my husband’s suicide that I experienced the witness in my meditation. For the past eight months, I have experienced only an ongoing struggle with anger, tears, and racing thoughts that were intractable to say

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Moment of Bunniness: Brownie

Thank you to Theresa L. for capturing this pic of her lovely little Brownie in a quiet moment of bunniness. This pic is a great reminder that we can’t keep going all the time. Sometimes we need to slow down,

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Grieving Mindfully with Mindfulness Mutt

Despite having my key with me, I got locked out of my house this morning when I went to walk the dog. I’ve come to accept that life comes with its minor frustrations, but this minor frustration became one of

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Moment of Bunniness: Keiko

Today’s moment of bunniness comes to us from Brianne G. and her angel bun, Keiko. Keiko’s pic is perfect to go along with a Bunny Buddhism quote that is very near and dear to my heart right now. It is

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