In Memoriam: Zooky

Today’s post is a special one to celebrate the long and joyful life of a Bunny Buddhism bun who recently earned his angel wings. Many of you may remember Zooky as the featured Facebook quote photo bun on book release day (April 1, 2014). Here’s a special reprise of his original photo, with thanks to Bryan and Allison G.


Zooky the bunny, Photo courtesy of Bryan and Allison G.

To Bryan and Allison, I can only say my thoughts are with you. I hope in time you will find your way through the pain of loss and recall with a smile the many peaceful, wall-staring moments of wisdom and bunniness that Zooky brought into your lives. And, to help you on your way to remembering the happy moments, here’s a holiday pic of Dr. Zooky looking his Halloween best!

Dr. Zooky the Halloween bunny, Photo courtesy of Bryan and Allison G.

Dr. Zooky the Halloween bunny, Photo courtesy of Bryan and Allison G.

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  1. Gerry says:

    My daughter sent the book, Bunny Buddhism to me and I’m now sending copies to friends! Absolutely charming and so totally creative! This Granny is a fan of yours and your bunny’s!

  2. Lorissa says:

    My bunny George recently passed away as well 🙁 I know how you’re feeling right now. Zooky will always be remembered and loved and it will get easier with time. Maybe someday you’ll find another special fuzzy buddy to take into your heart/home and make more good memories 🙂

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