Moment of Bunniness: Mister Pepper Bunzillafluff

This is Mister Pepper Bunzillafluff, one giant bunny who was lucky enough to be rescued by his human, Sarah-Michelle G. Sarah-Michelle tells me Mister Pepper Bunzillafluff loves napping so much that her friends have mistaken him for dead! It’s easy to see why, but I promise this is one live bunny just enjoying being a bunny.

I love this quote because I often feel like all of life is a struggle. It is only when I take time to slow down and breathe that I can let go of the struggle for a moment and just be. It would be nice if stopping the struggle came as easily to humans as it does to bunnies, but I guess we will just have to accept that bunnies naturally live in the moment and humans have to work at it.

Thanks to this inspiration from Mister Pepper Bunzillafluff, I am up to the challenge. Are you?

Mister Pepper Bunzillafluff, Photo courtesy of Sarah-Michelle G.

Mister Pepper Bunzillafluff, Photo courtesy of Sarah-Michelle G.

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